100% Pure pharmaceutical grade for medicinal and cosmetic use. Specialists in exporting – from 20kg to full pallets.

Kaolin has long been associated with medicinal qualities, in particular, the internal use of kaolin and morphine for diarrhoea & stomach upsets and the external use of kaolin preparations, as facemasks or poultices, to improve skin condition and reduce swellings.

Kaolin and morphine work by absorbing toxins from the gut and bulking faeces.

Facemasks absorb oil, dirt and toxins from pores in the skin and poultices provide localized heat and moisture to relieve pain and draw pus.

There are three grades of kaolin approved to British Pharmacopoeia: BP Light, BP Light Natural and BP Heavy.

Medicinal Applications
  • Absorbent properties for gastro-intestinal conditions
  • Carrier for active ingredients
  • Suspending agent and viscosity control in liquids
  • Filler
  • Infused bandages for better control of heavy bleeding. Kaolin activates the blood clotting system
  • Relief of mouth sores caused by radiation treatments.
Cosmetic Applications
  • Soaps, gels, shampoos
  • Toothpaste
  • Face masks
  • Scrubs
  • Bath bombs
Veterinary Applications
  • As for human medicinal products above
  • BPHK is widely used as a poultice to treat soreness and swellings on the legs of racehorses following the exertion of a race or training.
  • In marine fish farming, BPLN encourages newly hatched fry to feed.
Crop Protection
  • Repels insects and deters egg laying when sprayed onto crops such as olives and citrus fruit.


SM&K Ltd can supply small lots of all three grades, BP Light Kaolin, BP Light Natural and BP Heavy Kaolin:

20 or 25 Kg lots in 3 ply kraft paper sacks

880 to 1000 kg lots in kraft sacks, on pallets

Quality Control

All BP kaolin sold by SM&K Ltd is manufactured and approved by Goonvean Ltd, now part of Imerys Minerals.

Goonvean, who are accredited to ISO9001: 2008 and FEMAS, has been the world’s leading supplier for more than 20 years. The kaolin is sourced from extremely pure natural deposits in Cornwall, UK.

All lots are fully traceable & accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.


SM&K Ltd can arrange for kaolin to be irradiated to ensure complete sterility prior to shipment.

Health & Safety

MSDS are available on request.